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Private Session, Semi-Private, Group Session

Learn how to create great shots on demand. There’s more to golf than just how your swing looks… it’s how it works! You want to be a player!

This is the perfect setting to express YOUR personal concerns and needs about your game. You will learn how to play golf and become a MASTER of controlling the club-face, and gain an understanding for why the ball goes where it goes. You will also go home with your personal improvement plan





Group Session

Price determined depending on size of group

On Course


On Course Coaching

This is where golf happens! ON the course! You can have the best technique, but if you don’t know how to use it efficiently on the course, then you’re not going to achieve the results you’re after. In our “Take It to the Course” sessions, you will learn how to get the most out of your game. You will become proficient at seeing and committing to the correct shot, selecting the right club, and executing under all conditions. You will build confidence and learn to be a player of the game.

AimPoint Express

(green reading)

50% of the wins on the tour in the last two year, the player and/or the caddy is using AimPoint Express Read.

Stop guessing, make everything! Yes, you will read the green like a pro. We can quantify the break!

AimPoint Express

(green reading)


Half Day Coaching​


Half Day Coaching

4 hours of coaching

Starts on the course then we go on the coaching tee at the academy

Customized session on demand

Express your needs and we will do our very best to create a session just for you!

Customized session on demand

Price determined upon request



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